The program for the 2017 CRITICS Summer Gathering can be downloaded here. The general outline is as follows:

The main activity of the gathering will be a number of organized sessions where the CRITICS students will be able to discuss their projects with each other in a flexible manner, in order to exhange their knowledge and experiences and learn from each other. These sessions will take place in Helsinki and the nearby locations.

The gathering will feature a one day joint workshop with the University of Helsinki, bringing together graduate students from all over Europe. The students will have the chance to present their work to their colleagues and some time will be allocated for free conversation in order to develop the themes of the presentations further.

Below is a brief outline of the activities of the Gathering:

Thursday: Arrival

For those who arrive earlier in the day I will organize a visit to Suomenlinna. We will all meet later in the evening (around 7pm) in order to dine together and we’ll find our way to the accommodation.

Friday: Workshop with University of Helsinki

Saturday: Cycling around Helsinki + Retreat to Inkoo

Sunday: Inkoo

Monday: Return to Helsinki + trip to Porvoo

Tuesday: Last day + departure

On Tuesday we’ll have more discussion sessions in the morning, and then conclude around 1-2pm. People can make it to their flights, but Kalle will be staying in Finland for at least two more days, so if anyone wants to remain for a couple of more nights, Kalle will be there to show you around.

(Photo: KFP, Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 3.0)