Summer School

August 28 – September 9, 2016, Kulhuse, Denmark

We are pleased to invite all young researchers interested in critical transitions in complex systems to join our Summer School on ‘Critical Transitions in Complex Systems: Mathematical theory and applications’, which will commence the week leading up to the workshop. It will be held in the same venue as the workshop. There will be a variety of lectures and project work, which can be viewed HERE. The second week of the summer school involves attendance of the CRITICS workshop.

We look forward to receiving your applications. It is also possible to make contributions to the workshop by submitting an abstract. Look here for information on the program and schedule of the summer school.


The official start of the summer school is on Sunday evening (August 28) with a small reception. The scientific program will start on Monday morning (August 29).

The first week of the summer school includes lectures and project work on selected topics. We will conclude the first week with student presentations of the projects. The second week will entail attendance of the CRITICS workshop. For active participation a certificate granting 5 ECTS will be issued at the end of the School.

Preliminary programmes:




  • Introduction to bifurcation theory, center manifolds with examples.
  • Introduction to stochastic differential equations and non-autonomous differential equations.
  • Bifurcations and critical transitions in the climate system.
  • Time series analysis with applications.



  • Martin Rasmussen (Imperial College London)
  • Grigorios A. Pavliotis (Imperial College London)
  • Jan Sieber (University of Exeter)
  • Henk Dijkstra (University of Utrecht)
  • Peter Ditlevsen (University of Copenhagen)


Organizing committee:
Peter Ditlevsen (U. Copenhagen)
Jeroen Lamb (Imperial College London)
Jan Sieber (U. Exeter)
Local organizers:
Karl Nyman (U. Copenhagen)
Johannes Lohmann (U. Copenhagen)