CRITICS Workshop on Dynamical Systems and Critical Transitions

The CRITICS Workshop on Dynamical Systems and Critical Transitions, organized in collaboration with the University of Helsinki, will be held on 4 August, 2017.

The venue for the event is the Exactum building in the Kumpula campus of the University of Helsinki.


The aim of the workshop is to bring together the early career researchers of the CRITICS training network and the Finnish dynamical systems research community. The workshop’s topics are centered around the main objective of the CRITICS ITN, but are not limited to it. The CRITICS program seeks to address the problem of characterizing and predicting the occurrence of sudden changes of behavior in the dynamics of complex systems in nature, technology and society, which are often called critical transitions. More specifically, key objectives include:

  • Bifurcation theory of critical transitions in time-dependent systems, random systems, networks and multiscale systems
  • Application to real-world complex systems in ecology, climate science, technology and financial markets.
  • Early-warning signals
  • Control of complex systems


The program (featuring abstracts for five of the talks) can be downloaded from the following link: CRITICS Workshop program.

The program features the following speakers:

List of Confirmed Speakers

  • Maximilian Engel (Imperial College London)
  • Michael Hartl (Imperial College London)
  • Olli Hella (University of Helsinki)
  • Vadim Kulikov (University of Helsinki)
  • Juho Leppänen (University of Helsinki)
  • Iacopo Longo (University of Valladolid)
  • Courtney Quinn (University of Exeter)
  • Flavia Remo (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
  • Damian Smug (University of Exeter)
  • Mikko Stenlund (University of Helsinki)
  • Kalle Timperi (Imperial College London)
  • Chun Xie (University College Cork)

Registration & registration fee

The workshop is free of charge for all participants, but those who wish to take part in the optional evening program will need to pay a 20 Euro participation fee, which covers the sauna expenses. A certificate of attendance will be provided for all registered participants. In order to register, please send e-mail to k.timperi@imperial.ac.uk.


Scientific and organizing committee:
Flavia Remo (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
Mikko Stenlund (University of Helsinki)
Kalle Timperi (Imperial College London)


Workshop poster (pdf format):
CRITICS_Helsinki_Poster.pdf (350 pixels per inch)


(Photo: Pekka Nikrus, Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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