Workshop with industry: solving real-life problems using mathematics

Date and time: 7th December 2018, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Venue: Imperial College, London, Department of Mathematics. Room TBA.

Directions to South Kensington Campus can be found here.

Registration: Workshop with industry

Note: A grant application writing course, organised via Postdoc and Fellowship Centre (Imperial College, London) will take place on 6th December at the same location.

The event will be an interactive workshop, where participants will work with experienced mathematicians and scientists on three specific challenges with a highly mathematical content, from innovative industries such as:

  • Complex energy systems: Use of storage and demand response in balancing electricity networks
  • Cyber-security for connected and automated vehicles: Data poisoning in machine learning algorithms and
  • Agri-tech: Efficient calculation of set partitions for optimal scheduling of crops in agriculture

Full description of problems and additional relevant materials will be provided to registered participants.

Each problem will be addressed by a project team under the guide of an experienced workshop leader. We do not expect you to solve the technical details of each problem. The challenge is to formulate a high-level mathematical description of the problem and a project plan showing the main approach and the pathway to developing a viable solution.

The workshop leaders will share their valuable experience, each gained from a different perspective:

  • Andrei Bejan (Senior Researcher, Origami Energy) is a mathematician, formerly an academic, now working in industry
  • Stan Zachary (Heriott Watt University) is a mathematician with a long-standing experience of working with the energy industry
  • Darren Handley (Lead Cyber-Security, Connected and automated vehicles, Department for Transport) is a senior scientist, working in the R&D in the UK government, together with mathematicians to solve some highly mathematical problems.

We have additional participants from academia and industry whose work is relevant for the workshop topics.

By taking part in this workshop you will gain valuable insight about:

  • Working as a mathematician in industry or academia in collaboration with industry
  • Working in a project team to create and deliver a solution beyond the theory
  • Presenting to a client/funding panel and defending the proposed solution.

In preparation for the workshop, each participant will be provided with detailed information about each problem, followed by a one-to-one session with the organiser, Dr Cristina V. Sargent to discuss the topics in detail.

Please note that participants are not required to prepare a presentation or other materials for this workshop.

For further information please contact:

Dr Cristina V. Sargent: |


Dr. Martin Rasmussen:

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